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Posted by Tricia on 5 August 2012 | 4 Comments

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I love my home-made marmalade. There is nothing quite like it.  Lashings of butter and chunky marmalade on freshly made bread and a hot cuppa, or for breakfast; a new laid egg, soft-boiled with toast and marmalade and a cup of best coffee. Last night after I'd cooked up this batch I couldn't resist having it for my dinner, on toast with chunks of good organic cheddar. Move over brown rice, well for last night anyway! I love my marmalade chunky with grapefruit. I'm not into minced up marmalade and I can't abide orange or lime marmalade. It's missing the strong and bitter taste that I crave in a marmalade. Here's how to make best grapefruit marmalade.

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