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Posted by Tricia on 6 April 2015 | 4 Comments

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A family favourite, lamb neck stew is a budget meal perfect for the cooler weather. It can be cooked on the stove top in a heavy bottom pan, in a slow cooker or in the oven in a deep casserole dish as I have tonight.

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Posted by tricia on 8 September 2012 | 7 Comments

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The lemon trees are loaded and the chooks are laying fit to bust. It never rains but it pours around here. (literally as well at metaphorically) So what to do with the abundance? It is tricky when you live on your own and far from your kids, to know what to do with all the produce. I've already preserved lemons, made marmalade and mixed peel. Eggs are more difficult to preserve but lemon curd is one way. I thought I could use some lemon curd or lemon honey, as it is also called, in an adaptation of my apple and almond cake  I'll substitute curd for the apples, add a layer of sour cream and maybe use poppy seeds instead of the almonds. I've got a recipe tucked away somewhere that sloshes a bit of gin on top of a lemon cake! That sounds yummy too. I'll let you know how it turns out! Again, I'm always a sucker for a citron tart with a dollop of thick, tart yoghurt. So many possibilities. I think I'll be needing to make a few batches!  It is usual to store lemon curd in jars but still it must be kept in the fridge and will last for only a few months. I am going to experiment and freeze my lemon curd in snaplock bags. For the recipe read the full post.

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Posted by Tricia on 5 August 2012 | 4 Comments

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I love my home-made marmalade. There is nothing quite like it.  Lashings of butter and chunky marmalade on freshly made bread and a hot cuppa, or for breakfast; a new laid egg, soft-boiled with toast and marmalade and a cup of best coffee. Last night after I'd cooked up this batch I couldn't resist having it for my dinner, on toast with chunks of good organic cheddar. Move over brown rice, well for last night anyway! I love my marmalade chunky with grapefruit. I'm not into minced up marmalade and I can't abide orange or lime marmalade. It's missing the strong and bitter taste that I crave in a marmalade. Here's how to make best grapefruit marmalade.

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Cooked Beetroot Salad

Posted by Tricia on 26 May 2012 | 3 Comments

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This is my latest craze. Cooked beetroot salad. I've been having it nearly every day or a variation of for lunch for the last few weeks. Packed full of goodness, all the ingredients are usually close at hand. I cook enough beetroot and chickpeas to last me the week, and then pick the fresh ingredients each day to make a bowl of deliciousness. I've been used to cooking for a tribe and it's strangely difficult to make the change to cook and eat healthy food for one. I'm still making the adjustment and looking for ways to feed myself well. For me fresh and simple tastes best. I've been researching beetroot recently and it really is a wonder food, touted for keeping cholesterol at a healthy level. Eat it 3 times a week for maximum effect. I sure won't be finding that a difficulty!  For the recipe read the full post.

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Figs in Port

Posted by tricia on 26 October 2011 | 5 Comments

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Yes it's true, Christmas is just around the corner. When my children were small we used to make almost all the pressies for friends and family. It was a way of getting the children involved in the spirit of Christmas and not so much into the stress around shopping and finding the 'right' present especially for those on a limited family budget. Every year we came up with something different. One year we made home-made paper and envelope sets, another year we made exquisite christmas tree decorations out of dough. Each one was baked, painted and polyurethaned and were little representations of each member of our extended family. Most years the children made  shortbreads, gingerbreads and hand-made chocolates. Another year Christmas Stollens filled with home-made marzipan and beautifully presented, made wonderful family gifts. Figs in port, the recipe I'm sharing today was made as a gift on more than one occassion. I always made sure that I kept a jar or two in my own pantry. It makes for a very delicious and rather decadent topping for vanilla ice-cream. One or two figs and some of the syrup drizzled over top and presto a desert to impress! For more details read the full post

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Preserved Lemons

Posted by Tricia on 15 August 2011 | 6 Comments

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There is no great mystery to preserving fruit. All it takes is some fresh unblemished produce, preserving jars, lids and seals. I have been preserving fruit more than twenty years and have never sterilized my jars. Never had any problems with bad food either. I simply give the jars a thorough wash in hot soapy water and then a good hot rinse. If I had to do all the sterilizing business I'd never do any bottling. I just don't have the time and it becomes too much of an ordeal. Yesterday I preserved lemons. Here's how I did it.

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More than just a lemon drink

Posted by tricia on 20 August 2010 | 0 Comments

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When you are getting a cold, a sore throat, a cough or the flu this drink is wonderful. I make it in a huge mug and have one mug at least three times a day, if am suffering from any of the above. It feels so good to get this down you. Soothing, warming and definately healing. The trick is to get into a nice warm bed after drinking and you will work up a bit of heat and a sweat, which means your body is getting rid of toxins and also helping to kill the bugs. Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic, and lemons a source of Vitamin C. Honey soothes and heals raw tissue such as a sore throat. For more details read the full post

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